Best Materials To Print Business Cards On

A business card printed on card stock material.

Do you want to learn about the best materials for printing business cards on? That is something that you can easily get information on here. Select from the two options that you are about to learn about here and you will be sure to have a card that people respond well to.

Card Stock

Card stock is what most business cards are printed on. This is thicker than typical paper, and it means that the card will be able to withstand being handled and moved into a wallet. When you are looking at your options before you make an order, make sure you select this material if you want to be on the safe side. Pretty much any printing service can handle this type of card, and so it’s the easiest to get made for you for a very low price.

Glossy Card Stock

Glossy card stock is another material that can be printed on, and it has a finish that is more like a photograph. This is a good investment if you want something that stands out a little more, and that is smooth to the touch. Talk with the printing company you’re trying to get cards made by and you can see if they have this option or if you can laminate your regular cards to make them have a better finish. The glossy type of stock generally will last a little longer because they tend to be easier to get into wallets and the like.

Now is the time to get the best materials for printing business cards into place so you can wow those you hand your card out to. These two options are the most common types of card stock that people work with. You can even make them at home if you have the right kind of printer.

Don’t Gamble With UV Rays: Opt For Home Window Tinting Services


The sun or, more importantly, the UV rays from the sun can prove to be destructive to your health and your valuable in-home investments. Letting in natural light is at the top of every homeowner’s wish list, but at what cost? With natural light and bare windows comes the devastating effects of cancer, faded furniture, and a lack of privacy. That’s unless you take some necessary action.

Homeowners that aren’t willing to gamble with their health or valuables are opting for home window tinting services. Tinting your windows means that a protective layer is installed on top of your glass windows by professionals, and it can filter up to 99% of all UV rays.

We’ve received tips from the guys at San Diego Window Tinting Pros and here are some of their reasons for you to opt for tinting your windows.

Reduce The Glare In Your Home

Have you ever tried watching television with the glaring sun shining through your windows? Most modern homes opt to forego window treatments, but that can leave your television or computer screen exposed to extreme glare. Window tinting is the only process that allows you to keep your original windows while filtering out the light entering your home.

Say No To Cancer

Your windows are letting in UV rays when you don’t have window treatments or blinds. That means if your windows are naked and you prefer natural to artificial lighting, your skin can be at risk. That doesn’t mean you need to live in your home like a hermit; it only means you need to rethink the way your windows serve your needs. By opting to have window tinting services come to your home, you can ensure that 99% of harmful UV rays are filtered out, and your chances of developing skin cancer are diminished.

Protecting Your Upholstery

Upholstery fabric of any type can fade when it is exposed to the sun for a long time. You may have seen the devastating effects of the sun on patio umbrellas and outdoor cushions. If you have, you wouldn’t want that happening to the interior of your home, would you?

Most furniture is expensive to reupholster, and why should you? All you need are window tinting services, and the problem is solved. You don’t have to worry about the ravages of time on your indoor environment when you set up a proper protective barrier.

Though the cost of installing window tinting film on your windows may be alarming at first glance, the future benefits of such an investment simply can’t be overlooked!